Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove GC_BUILD definition from build scriptsIvan Maidanski2013-05-04
* Fix triple-letter typos in comments and documentationIvan Maidanski2013-05-03
* Fix AM_CONFIG_HEADER in configure for autoconf-2.69-1Manuel Serrano2013-04-03
* Fix GC_INIT_CONF_ROOTS in gc.h for Android/x86 and Android/mipsIvan Maidanski2013-03-14
* Fix make disclaim_test to link with new GNU ld linking rulesIvan Maidanski2013-02-28
* Fix tests makefile to link with new GNU ld linking rulesAndy Wingo2013-02-28
* Workaround 'ELF_DATA/EM_ALPHA redefined' warning in Android linker.hIvan Maidanski2013-02-25
* Add assertion on number_of_objs to GC_extend_size_mapIvan Maidanski2013-02-16
* Allow not to rely on __data_start value (Linux)Ivan Maidanski2013-02-13
* Allow to omit libc atexit() callIvan Maidanski2013-02-13
* .gitignore: Ignore .gch filesIvan Maidanski2013-01-27
* Adjust punctuation in comments and documentationIvan Maidanski2013-01-23
* Update AUTHORS fileIvan Maidanski2013-01-23
* Add AArch64 (64-bit ARM) target supportYvan Roux2013-01-23
* Do not include sigcontext.h if NO_SIGCONTEXT_H (Linux)Ivan Maidanski2013-01-06
* Do not use pthread_getattr_np if NO_PTHREAD_GETATTR_NP specifiedIvan Maidanski2013-01-06
* Fix reference to debugging-related README file in README and Makefile.djIvan Maidanski2012-12-28
* Fix GC_win32_free_heap compilation error for CygwinIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Fix: VirtualAlloc leaks when freeing the heap on win32Max Mouratov2012-12-23
* Fix GC_win32_free_heap to prevent memory leak if USE_GLOBAL_ALLOCIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Fix dwSize argument of VirtualFree call in detect_GetWriteWatch (Win32)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Add assertion to LONG_MULT and remove useless assert in PUSH_CONTENTS_HDRIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Make GC_print_trace always thread-safe and remove 'lock' argumentIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Move GC_print_trace code inside LOCK/UNLOCK to GC_print_trace_innerIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Adjust printf format specifiers in GC_print_traceIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Fix GC_print_trace missing unlockIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Change definition of macros represented as block to be simple statementIvan Maidanski2012-12-23
* Define CORD_ec_append macro to expression instead of block (cord)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-22
* Refine comment of GC_is_heap_ptr and GC_thread_is_registered in gc.hIvan Maidanski2012-12-22
* Use EXPECT in GC_COND/VERBOSE_LOG_PRINTFIvan Maidanski2012-12-22
* Update AUTHORS (add email)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-22
* Define functions in darwin_semaphore.h as inline instead of staticIvan Maidanski2012-12-14
* Replace '`' symbol with double-quote in commentsIvan Maidanski2012-12-14
* Turn on world-stop delay logging at debug level by default for AndroidIvan Maidanski2012-12-12
* Improve logged messages about heap size and usageIvan Maidanski2012-12-12
* Replace GC_stats_log_printf with GC_DBG/INFOLOG_PRINTFIvan Maidanski2012-12-12
* Redirect WRITE to __android_log_write if GC_ANDROID_LOG (Android)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-12
* Do not duplicate android_log_write output to GC log file (Android)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-12
* Replace GC_COND_LOG_PRINTF calls with WARN for allocation failure messagesIvan Maidanski2012-12-11
* Replace GC_log/err_printf() followed by ABORT with ABORT_ARGn()Ivan Maidanski2012-12-11
* Remove redundant GC_err_printf before abortIvan Maidanski2012-12-11
* Enable on-demand debug logging in GC_FindTopOfStack (Darwin)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-11
* Prepend '#' symbol to GC number in logged messagesIvan Maidanski2012-12-10
* Remove abort on open log failure from GC_write (Win32)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-10
* Remove DebugBreak on WriteFile failure (Win32)Ivan Maidanski2012-12-10
* Prevent abort on GC_err/warn_printf write failureIvan Maidanski2012-12-10
* Merge branch 'add-long-weakref'Ivan Maidanski2012-12-09
| * Merge branch 'master' into add-long-weakrefIvan Maidanski2012-12-09
| |\
| * | Add tests for GC_register/move/unregister_long_linkIvan Maidanski2012-12-09
| * | Minor code refactoring of dumping routines related to 'long' linksIvan Maidanski2012-11-24