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* [7.2c]gc7_2cIvan Maidanski2012-06-26
* Merge branch 'gc-7_2-hotfix-2'Ivan Maidanski2012-06-26
| * Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-06-08
| * Fix CORD_cat_char_star to prevent SEGV in case of out-of-memoryIvan Maidanski2012-06-08
| * Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-06-07
| * Fix GC_scratch_alloc and GC_get_maps invocations to prevent SEGVIvan Maidanski2012-06-07
| * Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-06-02
| * Fix GC_FirstDLOpenedLinkMap() for NetBSD 6 releaseTsugutomo Enami2012-06-02
| * Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-06-02
| * Fix visibility of GC_push_all/conditional, GC_push_other_roots symbolsIvan Maidanski2012-06-02
| * Fix visibility of GC_clear/set_mark_bit (unhide symbols)Ivan Maidanski2012-06-02
* [7.2b]gc7_2bIvan Maidanski2012-05-22
* Change version in README to 7.2-rev-b; update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-05-20
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-05-19
* Fix assertion in GC_malloc_[atomic_]uncollectable (THREADS case only)Ivan Maidanski2012-05-19
* [7.2]gc7_2Ivan Maidanski2012-05-15
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-05-01
* Set GC_GRANULE_BYTES/GC_GRANULE_WORDS for x32H.J. Lu2012-05-01
* Define ALIGNMENT and CPP_WORDSZ for x32H.J. Lu2012-05-01
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-04-29
* Fix compiler warning in GC_check_fl_marksIvan Maidanski2012-04-29
* Fix GC_check_fl_marks regarding concurrent accessPetter Urkedal2012-04-29
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-04-22
* Fix GC_remove_all_threads_but_me to cleanup thread-specific data storageIvan Maidanski2012-04-22
* Code refactoring of GC_check_tls_for/GC_check_fl_marksIvan Maidanski2012-04-22
* Fix GC_with_callee_saves_pushed for clang (disable __builtin_unwind_init)Niklas Therning2012-04-22
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-04-11
* Fix a typo in comment in pthread_support.hIvan Maidanski2012-04-11
* Regenerate configure; update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-04-03
* FIX: Disable incremental mode on Darwin if fork handling requestedIvan Maidanski2012-04-03
* Add public GC_set_handle_fork to control forked child handling supportIvan Maidanski2012-04-03
* Check pthread_atfork result (POSIX threads)Ivan Maidanski2012-04-03
* Remove redundant public GC_HAVE_GET_HEAP_USAGE_SAFE macroIvan Maidanski2012-04-03
* configure: add --enable-handle-fork optionAndy Wingo2012-04-03
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-28
* doc: Update README for Solaris regarding multi-threading supportIvan Maidanski2012-03-28
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-26
* Fix a typo and improve comment in dyn_load.c (Android)Ivan Maidanski2012-03-26
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-25
* Fix GC_clear_stack declaration and make it publicIvan Maidanski2012-03-25
* Fix visibility of some GC internal symbols used by GCJIvan Maidanski2012-03-25
* Fix HIDE_POINTER definition in gc.hIvan Maidanski2012-03-25
* Fix gc.h compatibility regression by adding GC_PTRIvan Maidanski2012-03-25
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-19
* Fix GC_ALPHA_VERSION comparison in gctest and tools filesIvan Maidanski2012-03-19
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-15
* Speedup calloc size overflow check by preventing division if small valuesHans Boehm2012-03-15
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-15
* Fix calloc-related code to prevent SIZE_MAX redefinition in sys headersIvan Maidanski2012-03-15
* Update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski2012-03-15