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The collector has at various times been compiled under Windows 95 & NT,
with the original Microsoft SDK, with Visual C++ 2.0, 4.0, and 6, with
-the GNU win32 environment, with Borland 4.5, and recently with
-Watcom C. It is likely that some of these have been broken in the
-meantime. Patches are appreciated.
+the GNU win32 environment, with Borland 4.5, with Watcom C, and recently
+with the Digital Mars compiler. It is likely that some of these have been
+broken in the meantime. Patches are appreciated.
It runs under both win32s and win32, but with different semantics.
Under win32, all writable pages outside of the heaps and stack are
@@ -45,6 +45,14 @@ window colors.)
In general -DREDIRECT_MALLOC is unlikely to work unless the
application is completely statically linked.
+The collector normally allocates memory from the OS with VirtualAlloc.
+This appears to cause problems under Windows NT and Windows 2000 (but
+not Windows 95/98) if the memory is later passed to CreateDIBitmap.
+To work around this problem, build the collector with -DUSE_GLOBAL_ALLOC.
+This is currently incompatible with -DUSE_MUNMAP. (Thanks to Jonathan
+Clark for tracking this down. There's some chance this may be fixed
+in 6.1alpha4, since we now separate heap sections with an unused page.)
For Microsoft development tools, rename NT_MAKEFILE as
MAKEFILE. (Make sure that the CPU environment variable is defined
to be i386.) In order to use the gc_cpp.h C++ interface, all
@@ -57,7 +65,7 @@ absence of thread support).
For GNU-win32, use the regular makefile, possibly after uncommenting
the line "include Makefile.DLLs". The latter should be necessary only
if you want to package the collector as a DLL. The GNU-win32 port is
-believed to work only for b18, not b19, probably dues to linker changes
+believed to work only for b18, not b19, probably due to linker changes
in b19. This is probably fixable with a different definition of
DATASTART and DATAEND in gcconfig.h.