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@@ -51,7 +51,18 @@ _DLL Defined by Visual C++ if dynamic libraries are being built
__declspec(dllexport) needs to be added to declarations
to support the case in which the collector is in a dll.
-GC_DLL User-settable macro that forces the effect of _DLL.
+GC_DLL User-settable macro that forces the effect of _DLL. Set
+ by gc.h if _DLL is defined and GC_NOT_DLL is undefined.
+ This is the macro that is tested internally to determine
+ whether the GC is in its own dynamic library. May need
+ to be set by clients before including gc.h. Note that
+ inside the GC implementation it indicates that the
+ collector is in its own dynamic library, should export
+ its symbols, etc. But in clients it indicates that the
+ GC resides in a different DLL, its entry points should
+ be referenced accordingly, and precautions may need to
+ be taken to properly deal with statically allocated
+ variables in the main program. Used only for MS Windows.
GC_NOT_DLL User-settable macro that overrides _DLL, e.g. if dynamic
libraries are used, but the collector is in a static library.