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+Dynamic loading support requires that executables be linked with -ldld.
+The alternative is to build the collector without defining DYNAMIC_LOADING
+in gcconfig.h and ensuring that all garbage collectable objects are
+accessible without considering statically allocated variables in dynamic
+The collector should compile with either plain cc or cc -Ae. Cc -Aa
+fails to define _HPUX_SOURCE and thus will not configure the collector
+Incremental collection support was reccently added, and should now work.
+In spite of past claims, pthread support under HP/UX 11 should now work.
+Define GC_HPUX_THREADS for the build. Incremental collection still does not
+work in combination with it.
+The stack finding code can be confused by putenv calls before collector
+initialization. Call GC_malloc or GC_init before any putenv calls.