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-Darwin/MacOSX Support - May 20, 2003
+Darwin/MacOSX Support - July 22, 2003
Important Usage Notes
@@ -9,6 +9,26 @@ is necessary to properly register segments in dynamic libraries. This
call is required even if you code does not use dynamic libraries as the
dyld code handles registering all data segments.
+When your use of the garbage collector is confined to dylibs and you
+cannot call GC_init() before your libraries' static initializers have
+run and perhaps called GC_malloc(), create an initialization routine
+for each library to call GC_init():
+#include <gc/gc.h>
+void my_library_init() { GC_init(); }
+Compile this code into a my_library_init.o, and link it into your
+dylib. When you link the dylib, pass the -init argument with
+_my_library_init (e.g. gcc -dynamiclib -o my_library.dylib a.o b.o c.o
+my_library_init.o -init _my_library_init). This causes
+my_library_init() to be called before any static initializers, and
+will initialize the garbage collector properly.
+Note: It doesn't hurt to call GC_init() more than once, so it's best,
+if you have an application or set of libraries that all use the
+garbage collector, to create an initialization routine for each of
+them that calls GC_init(). Better safe than sorry.
The incremental collector is still a bit flaky on darwin. It seems to
work reliably with workarounds for a few possible bugs in place however
these workaround may not work correctly in all cases. There may also