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+This is an attempt to acknowledge early contributions to the garbage
+collector. Later contributions should instead be mentioned in
+ Early versions of this collector were developed as a part of research
+projects supported in part by the National Science Foundation
+and the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency.
+The garbage collector originated as part of the run-time system for
+the Russell programming language implementation. The first version of the
+garbage collector was written primarily by Al Demers. It was then refined
+and mostly rewritten, primarily by Hans-J. Boehm, at Cornell U.,
+the University of Washington, Rice University (where it was first used for
+C and assembly code), Xerox PARC, SGI, and HP Labs. However, significant
+contributions have also been made by many others.
+Some other contributors:
+More recent contributors are mentioned in the modification history in
+README.changes. My apologies for any omissions.
+The SPARC specific code was originally contributed by Mark Weiser.
+The Encore Multimax modifications were supplied by
+Kevin Kenny ( The adaptation to the IBM PC/RT is largely
+due to Vernon Lee, on machines made available to Rice by IBM.
+Much of the HP specific code and a number of good suggestions for improving the
+generic code are due to Walter Underwood.
+Robert Brazile ( originally supplied the ULTRIX code.
+Al Dosser ( and Regis Cridlig (
+subsequently provided updates and information on variation between ULTRIX
+systems. Parag Patel ( supplied the A/UX code.
+Jesper Peterson(, Michel Schinz, and
+Martin Tauchmann ( supplied the Amiga port.
+Thomas Funke ( and
+Brian D.Carlstrom ( supplied the NeXT ports.
+Douglas Steel ( provided ICL DRS6000 code.
+Bill Janssen ( supplied the SunOS dynamic loader
+specific code. Manuel Serrano ( supplied linux and
+Sony News specific code. Al Dosser provided Alpha/OSF/1 code. He and
+Dave Detlefs( also provided several generic bug fixes.
+Alistair G. Crooks( supplied the NetBSD and 386BSD ports.
+Jeffrey Hsu ( provided the FreeBSD port.
+Brent Benson ( ported the collector to
+a Motorola 88K processor running CX/UX (Harris NightHawk).
+Ari Huttunen ( generalized the OS/2 port to
+nonIBM development environments (a nontrivial task).
+Patrick Beard ( provided the initial MacOS port.
+David Chase, then at Olivetti Research, suggested several improvements.
+Scott Schwartz ( supplied some of the
+code to save and print call stacks for leak detection on a SPARC.
+Jesse Hull and John Ellis supplied the C++ interface code.
+Zhong Shao performed much of the experimentation that led to the
+current typed allocation facility. (His dynamic type inference code hasn't
+made it into the released version of the collector, yet.)