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@@ -2049,9 +2049,57 @@ Since 6.3alpha4:
- The USE_MUNMAP code could get confused about the age of a block and
prematurely unmap it. GC_unmap_old had a bug related to wrapping of
GC_gc_no. GC_freehblk and GC_merge_unmapped didn't maintain
- hb_last_reclaimed reasonably when blockas were merged. The code was
+ hb_last_reclaimed reasonably when blocks were merged. The code was
fixed to reflect original intent, but that may not always be an
improvement. See todo list item.
+Since 6.3alpha5:
+ - Fixed the X86_64 PREFETCH macros to correctly handle ia32e (which uses
+ different prefetch instructions from AMD64). (Thanks to H.J. Lu.)
+ - GC_config_macros.h did not correctly define GC_WIN32_THREADS from
+ - Added simple_example.html.
+ - Merged Andrew Gray's patch to correctly restore signal handlers on
+ FreeBSD.
+ - Merged a patch from Andreas Jaeger to deal with prefetch-related warnings
+ on x86-64. Added some other casts so that the PREFETCH macros
+ always get a ptr_t argument. Removed some casts inthe PREFETCH
+ implementations.
+ - At Jesse Jones suggestion: Added a header guard for gc_allocator.h
+ and changed GC_debug_free to clobber contents of deallocated object.
+ - The signal masking code in pthread_stop_world.c contained some errors.
+ In particular SIGSEGV was masked in the handler, in spite of the fact that
+ it wrote to the heap. This could lead to an uncaught SIGSEGV, which
+ apparently became much more likely in Linux 2.6. Also fixed some
+ typos, and reduced code duplication in the same area.
+ - Remove ltconfig, clean up configure messages for DGUX (thanks to
+ Adrian Bunk for the patches).
+ - Integrated NetBSD/OpenBSD patches from Marc Recht and Matthias Drochner.
+Since gc6.3alpha6:
+ - Compile with CXXCOMPILE instead of COMPILE.
+ - Very large allocations could cause a collector hang. Correct
+ calculation of GC_collect_at_heapsize.
+ - GC_print_hblkfreelist printed some bogus results if USE_MUNMAP
+ was defined.
+ - The generic GC_THREADS macro didn't work correctly on Solaris,
+ since the implementation failed to include gc_config_macros.h
+ before deciding whether or not to compile the rest of the file.
+ - Threadlibs.c failed to expand the generic GC_THREADS macro.
+ - Correct MacOSX thread stop code. (Thanks to Dick Porter.)
+ - SMALL_OBJ definition was off by one. This could cause crashes
+ at startup. (Thanks to Zoltan Varga for narrowing this down to
+ a trivial test case.)
+ - Integrate Paolo Molara's patch to deal with a race in the Darwin
+ thread stopping code.
+ - Changed X86_64 implementation to use SA_SIGINFO in the MPROTECT_VDB
+ implementation. The old approach appears to have been broken by
+ recent kernels.
+ - Add GC_ATTR_UNUSED to eliminate a warning in gc_allocator.h. (Thanks
+ to Andrew Begel.)
+ - Fix GC_task_self declaration in os_dep.c. (Thanks to Andrew Pinski.)
+ - Increase INITIAL_BUF_SZ in os_dep.c for Solaris /proc reads.
To do:
- The USE_MUNMAP code should really use a separate data structure