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@@ -1876,7 +1876,23 @@ Since 6.2alpha6:
Dick Porter for the small test case that allowed this to be debugged.)
- Fixed version parsing for non-alpha versions in acinclude.m4 and
version checking in version.h.
+Since 6.2:
+ - Integrated some NetBSD patches forwarded to me by Marc Recht. These
+ were already in the NetBSD package.
+ - GC_pthread_create waited for the semaphore even if pthread_create failed.
+ Thanks to Dick Porter for the pthread_support.c patch. Applied the
+ analogous fix for aix_irix_threads.c.
+ - Added Rainer Orth's Tru64 fixes.
+ - The check for exceeding the thread table size in win32 threadDetach
+ was incorrect. (Thanks to Alexandr Petrosian for the patch.)
+ - Applied Andrew Begel's patch to correct some reentrancy issues
+ with dynamic loading on Darwin.
+ - GC_CreateThread() was neglecting to duplicate the thread handle in
+ the table. (Thanks to Tum Nguyen for the patch.)
+ - Pass +ESdbgasm only on PA-RISC machines with vendor compiler.
+ (Thanks to Roger Sayle for the patch.)
+ - Applied more AIX threads patches from Scott Ananian.
To do:
- A dynamic references dlopen unconditionally, but doesn't link