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@@ -1360,7 +1360,7 @@ Since 6.0alpha8:
it on untested platforms.
- Integrated initial GNU HURD port. (Thanks to Chris Lingard and Igor
- - A few more fixes for Digital Mars compiler.
+ - A few more fixes for Digital Mars compiler (Walter Bright).
- Fixed gcc version recognition. Renamed OPERATOR_NEW_ARRAY to
It can be overridden with -DGC_NO_OPERATOR_NEW_ARRAY. (Thanks to
@@ -1378,16 +1378,195 @@ Since 6.0alpha9:
- Fixed a stack clearing problem that resulted in SIGILL with a
misaligned stack pointer for multithreaded SPARC builds.
- Integrated another HURD patch (thanks to Igor Khavkine).
+Since 6.0:
+ - Non-debug, atomic allocations could result in bogus smashed object
+ reports with debugging on. (Thanks to Patrick Doyle for the small
+ test case.)
+ - Fixed GC_get_register_stack_base (Itanium only) to work around a glibc
+ 2.2.4 bug.
+ - Initial port to HP/UX on Itanium. Thread support and both 32 and 64
+ bit ABIs appear to work. Parallel mark support doesn't yet, due to
+ some inline assembly code issues. Thread local allocation does appear
+ to work.
+ - ifdef'ed out glibc2.1/Itanium workaround. I suspect nobody is using
+ that combination anymore.
+ - Added a patch to make new_gc_alloc.h usable with gcc3.0. (Thanks to
+ Dimitris Vyzovitis for the patch.)
+ - Debugged 64-bit support on HP/UX PA-RISC.
+ - Turned on dynamic loading support for FreeBSD/ELF. (Thanks to Peter
+ Housel.)
+ - Unregistering of finalizers with debugging allocation was broken.
+ (Thanks to Jani Kajala for the test case.)
+ - Old finalizers were not returned correctly from GC_debug_register_finalizer.
+ - Disabled MPROTECT_VDB for Linux/M68K based on a report that it doesn't work.
+ - Cleaned up some statistics gathering code in reclaim.c (Thanks to Walter
+ Bright.)
+ - Added some support for OpenBSD/ELF/Linux. (Thanks to Suzuki Toshiya.)
+ - Added Jakub Jelinek's patch to use dl_iterate_phdr for dynamic library
+ traversal to dyn_load.c. Changed it to weakly reference dl_iterate_phdr,
+ so that the old code is stilll used with old versions of glibc.
+ - Cleaned up feature test macros for various threads packages and
+ integrated (partially functional) FreeBSD threads code from Loren Rittle.
+ It's likely that the cleanup broke something, since it touched lots of
+ code. It's also likelly that it fixed some unreported bugs in the
+ less common thread implementations, since some of the original code
+ didn't stand up to close scrutiny. Support for the next pthreads
+ implementation should be easier to add.
+Since 6.1alpha1:
+ - No longer wrap read by default in multithreaded applications. It was
+ pointed out on the libgcj list that this holds the allocation lock for
+ way too long if the read blocks. For now, reads into the heap are
+ broken with incremental collection. It's possible to turn this back on
+ if you make sure that read calls don't block (e.g. by calling select
+ first).
+ - Fix ifdef in Solaris_threads.h to refer to GC_SOLARIS_THREADS.
+ - Added check for environment variable GC_IGNORE_GCJ_INFO.
+ - Added printing of stop-the-world GC times if GC_PRINT_STATS environment
+ variable is set.
+ - The calloc definition in leak_detector.h was missing parentheses, and
+ realloc was missing a second argument to GC_REALLOC.
+ (Thanks to Elrond (elrond<at>
+ - Added GC_PRINT_BACK_HEIGHT environment variable and associated
+ code, mostly in the new file backgraph.c. See doc/README.environment.
+ - Added -DUSE_GLOBAL_ALLOC to work around a Windows NT issue. (Thanks to
+ Jonathan Clark.)
+ - Integrated port to NEC EWS4800 (MIPS-based workstation, with somewhat
+ different address-space layout). This may help for other machines with
+ holes in the data segment. (Thanks to Hironori Sakamoto.)
+ - Changed the order in which GC_push_roots and friends push things onto
+ the mark stack. GC_push_all calls need to come first, since we can't
+ necessarily recovere if those overflow the mark stack. (Thanks to
+ Matthew Flatt for tracking down the problem.)
+ - Some minor cleanups to mostly support the Intel compiler on Linux/IA64.
+Since 6.1 alpha2:
+ - Minor cleanup on the gcconfig.h section for SPARC.
+ - Minor fix to support Intel compiler for I386/Linux. (Thanks to Sven
+ Hartrumpf.)
+ - Added SPARC V9 (64-bit) support. (Thanks to Jeff Sturm.)
+ - Restructured the way in which we determine whether or not to keep
+ call stacks for debug allocation. By default SAVE_CALL_COUNT is
+ now zero on all platforms. Added SAVE_CALL_NARGS parameters.
+ If possible, use execinfo.h to capture call stack. (This should
+ add support for a number of new platforms, though often at
+ considerable runtime expense.)
+ - Try to print symbolic information for call stacks. On Linux, we
+ do this with a combination of execinfo.h and running addr2line in
+ a separate process. This is both much more expensive and much more
+ useful. Amazingly, it seems to be fast enough for most purposes.
+ - Redefined strdup if -DREDIRECT_MALLOC is given.
+ - Changed incremental collector and MPROTECT_VDB implementation so that,
+ under favorable conditions, pointerfree objects are not protected.
+ Added GC_incremental_protection_needs() to determine ahead of time whether
+ pointerfree objects may be protected. Replaced GC_write_hint() with
+ GC_remove_protection().
+ - Added test for GC_ENABLE_INCREMENTAL environment variable.
+ - Made GC_time_limit runtime configurable. Added GC_PAUSE_TIME_TARGET
+ environment variable.
+ - Eliminated GC_page_sz, a duplicate of GC_page_size.
+ - Caused the Solaris and Irix thread creation primitives to call
+ GC_init_inner().
+Since 6.1alpha3:
+ - Fixed typo in sparc_mach_dep.S, preventing the 64-bit version from
+ building. Increased 64-bit heap size limit in test.c slightly, since
+ a functional SPARC collector seems to slightly exceed the old limits.
+ (Thanks again to Jeff Sturm.)
+ - Use NPRGREG in solaris_threads.c, thus printing all registers if things
+ go wrong.
+ - Added GC_MARKERS envronment variable to allow use of a single marker
+ thread on an MP without confusing the lock implementation.
+ - Collect much less aggressively in incremental mode with GC_TIME_UNLIMITED.
+ This is really a purely generational mode, and we can afford to
+ postpone the collection until the heap is (nearly) full.
+ - Remove read() wrapper for MPROTECT_VDB. It was causing more harm than
+ good. It is often no longer needed if system calls avoid writing to
+ pointerfull heap objects.
+ - Fix MACOSX test in gcconfig.h. (Thanks to John Clements.)
+ - Change GC_test_and_set so that it consistently has one argument.
+ Add spaces to ::: in powerpc assembly code in gc_locks.h.
+ (Thanks to Ryan Murray.)
+ - Fixed a formatting error in dbg_mlc.c. Added prototype to GC_abort()
+ declaration. (Thanks to Michael Smith.)
+ - Removed "source" argument to GC_find_start(). Eliminate GC_FIND_START().
+ - Added win32 recognition code in Changed some of the
+ dllimport/export defines in gc.h. (Thanks to Adam Megacz.)
+ - GC_malloc_many didn't set hb_last_reclaimed when it called
+ GC_reclaim_generic. (I'm not sure this matters much, but ...)
+ - Allocating uncollectable objects with debug information sometimes
+ allocated objects that were one byte too small, since uncollectable
+ objects don't have the extra byte added at the end. (Thanks to
+ Wink Saville for pointing this out.)
+ - Added a bit more assertion checking to make sure that gcj objects
+ on free lists never have a nonzero second word.
+ - Replaced BCC_MAKEFILE with an up-to-date one. (Thanks to
+ Andre Leiradella.)
+ - Upgraded libtool, and some related files to hopefully
+ support NetBSD/SPARC. (Thanks to Adrian Bunk.) Unfortunately,
+ libtool 1.4.2 seemed to be buggy due to missing quotes in several
+ "test" invocations. Fixed those in the script.
+ - Some win32-specific patches, including the introduction of
+ GC_CreateThread. (Thanks to Adam Megacz.)
+ - Merged in gcj changes from Anthony Green to support embedded systems.
+ - Tried to consistently rename preprocessed assembly files with a capital
+ .S extension.
+ - Use alpha_mach_dep.S on ALPHA again. It doesn't really matter, but this
+ makes our distribution consistent with the gcc one, avoiding future merge
+ problems.
+ - Move GET_MEM definition into gcconfig.h. Include gcconfig.h slightly
+ later in gc_priv.h to avoid forward references to ptr_t.
+ - Add some testing of local allocation to test.c.
+ - Change definition of INVALID_QTID in specific.h. The -1 value was used
+ inconsistently, and too likely to collide with a valid stack address.
+ Some general clean-up of specific.[ch]. Added assertions. (Thanks
+ to Michael Smith for tracking down an intermittent bug to this
+ general area. I'm not sure it has been squashed yet, however.)
+ - On Pthread systems it was not safe to call GC_malloc() between fork()
+ and exec(). According to the applicable standards, it doesn't appear
+ to be safe to call malloc() or many other libc functions either, thus
+ it's not clear this is fixable. Added experimental support for
+ -DHANDLE_FORK in linux_threads.c which tries to support it. It may
+ succeed if libc does the right thing. I'm not sure whether it does.
+ (Thanks to Kenneth Schalk for pointing out this issue.)
+ - Documented thread local allocation primitives to require an
+ explicit GC_init call. GC_init_parallel is no longer declared to
+ be a constructor function, since that isn't portable and often
+ seems to lead to initialization order problems.
+ - Changed and gc_cpp.h in one more attempt to make them
+ compatible with Visual C++ 6. (Thanks to Wink Saville for the
+ patch.)
+ - Some more patches for Linux on HP PA-RISC.
+ - Added include/gc_allocator.h. It implements (hopefully) standard
+ conforming (as opposed to SGI-style) allocators that allocate
+ collectable (gc_allocator) or GC-traceable, but not collectable
+ (traceable_allocator) objects. This borrows heavily from libstc++,
+ which borrows heavily from the SGI implementation, this part of
+ which was written by Matt Austern. Changed to very
+ minimally test this.
+ - On Linux/X86, retry mmap with a different start argument. That should
+ allow the collector to use more (closer to 3GB) of the address space.
+ (Thanks to Jeffrey Mark Siskind for tracking this down.)
+ - Force 64 bit alignment with GCJ support. (Reflects Bryce McKinley's
+ patch to the gcc tree.)
+ - Refined the choice of sa_handler vs. sa_sigaction in GC_dirty_init
+ to accomodate some glibc5 systems. (Thanks to Dan Fandrich for the
+ patch.)
+ - Compensated for the fact that current versions of glibc set
+ __libc_stack_end incorrectly on Linux/IA64 while initialization code
+ is running. This could cause the collector to miss 16 bytes of
+ the memory stack if GC_malloc or friends where called before main().
+ - Mostly integrated Takis Psarogiannakopoulos' port to DG/UX Inix 86.
+ This will probably take another iteration to work, since his
+ patch conflicted with the libtool upgrade.
+ - Added README.arm.cross containing some information about cross-
+ compiling to an ARM processor from Margaret Fleck.
To do:
- There seem to be outstanding issues on Solaris/X86, possibly with
finding the data segment starting address. Information/patches would
- ne appreciated.
- - New_gc_alloc.h is apparently no longer compatible with the latest C++
- standard library in gcc3.0. (This isn't technically a bug, since it only
- claimed compatibility with the SGI STL. But we may need a new C++ STL
- allocator interface.)
+ be appreciated.
- Very large root set sizes (> 16 MB or so) could cause the collector
to abort with an unexpected mark stack overflow. (Thanks again to
Peter Chubb.) NOT YET FIXED. Workaround is to increase the initial