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to work correctly with these.
- Fixed Linux USE_PROC_FOR_LIBRARIES to work with a 64-bit /proc format.
+Since 6.1:
+ - Guard the test for GC_DUMP_REGULARLY in misc.c with
+ "#ifndef NO_DEBUGGING". Otherwise it fails to build with NO_DEBUGGING
+ defined. (Thanks to Manuel Serrano.)
+ - Message about retrying suspend signals was incorrectly generated even when
+ flag was not set.
+ - Cleaned up MACOSX/NEXT root registration code. There was apparently a
+ separate ifdef case in GC_register_data_segments() for no reason.
+ - Removed MPROTECT_VDB for MACOSX port, based on one negative report.
+ - Arrange for gc.h and friends to be correctly installed with GNU-style
+ "make install".
+ - Enable the GNU-style build facility include C++ support in the library
+ with --enable-cplusplus. (Thanks to Thomas Maier for some of the patch.)
+ - Mark from GC_thread_key in linux_threads.c, in case that's allocated
+ from the garbage collected heap, as it is with our own thread-specific
+ storage implementation. (Thanks to Jeff Sturm.)
+ - Mark all free list header blocks if they are heap allocated. This avoids
+ some unnecessary tracing. And it remains correct if we clear the
+ root set. (Thanks to Jeff Sturm for identifying the bug.)
+ - Improved S390/Linux support. Add S390/Linux 64-bit support. (Thanks
+ to Ulrich Weigand.)
+ - Corrected the spelling of GC_{M,C}ALLOC_EXPLICTLY_TYPED to
+ GC_{M,C}ALLOC_EXPLICITLY_TYPED in gc_typed.h. This is technically
+ an interface change. Based on the fact that nobody reported this,
+ I suspect/hope there were no clients.
+ - Cleaned up gc_typed.h so that (1) it adds an extern "C" declaration
+ when appropriate, (2) doesn't generate references to undefined internal
+ macros, and (3) allows easier manual construction of descriptors.
+ - Close the file descriptor used by GC_print_address_map().
+ - Set the "close-on-exec" bit for various file descriptors maintained
+ for the collector's internal use.
+ - Added a hack to find memory segments owned by the system allocator
+ under win32. Based on my tests, this tends to eventually find all
+ segments, though it may take a while. There appear to be cleaner,
+ but slower solutions under NT/XP. But they rely on an API that's
+ unsupported under 9X.
+ - Changed Linux PowerPC stack finding to LINUX_STACKBOTTOM. (Thanks
+ to Akira Tagoh for pointing out that HEURISTIC1 doesn't work on
+ 64-bit kernels.)
+ - Added GC_set_free_space_divisor to avoid some Windows dll issues.
+ - Added FIXUP_POINTER, POINTER_SHIFT, POINTER_MASK to allow preprocessing
+ of candidate pointers for tagging, etc.
+ - Always lock around GC_notify_full_gc(). Simplified code for
+ invoking GC_notify_full_gc().
+ - Changed the way DATASTART is defined on FreeBSD to be robust against
+ an unmapped page after etext. (Thanks to Hironori Sakamoto for
+ tracking down the intermittent failure.)
+ - Made GC_enable() and GC_disable() official. Deprecated direct update
+ of GC_dont_gc. Changed GC_gcollect to be a noop when garbage collection
+ is disabled.
+ - Call GC_register_dynamic_libraries before stopping the world on Linux,
+ in order to avoid a potential deadlock due to the dl_iterate_phdr lock.
+ - Introduced a more general mechanism for platform-dependent code to
+ decide whether the main data segment should be handled separately
+ from dynamic libraries, or registered by GC_register_dynamic_libraries.
+ The latter is more reliable and easier on Linux with dl_iterate_phdr.
+Since 6.2alpha1:
+ - Fixed the completely broken FreeBSD code in 6.2alpha1. (Thanks to
+ Hironori Sakamoto for the patch.)
+ - Changed IRIX reference in dbg_mlc.c to IRIX5. (Thanks to Marcus Herbert.)
+ - Attempted to work around the problems with .S filenames and the SGI
+ compiler. (Reported by several people. Untested.)
+ - Worked around an HP/UX make issue with the GNU-style build process.
+ - Fixed the --enable-cplusplus build machinery to allow builds without
+ a C++ compiler. (That was always the intent ...)
+ - Changed the debugging allocation macros to explicitly pass the return
+ address for Linux and XXXBSD on hardware for which we can't get stack
+ traces. Use __builtin_return_address(0) to generate it when possible.
+ Some of the configuration work was cleaned up (good) and moved to gc.h
+ (bad, but necessary). This should make leak detection more useful
+ on a number of platforms. (Thanks to Fabian Thylman for the suggestion.)
+ - Fixed compilation problems in dbg_mlc.c with GC_ADD_CALLER.
+ - Bumped revision number for dynamic library.
+Since 6.2alpha2:
+ - Don't include execinfo.h in os_dep.c when it's not needed, and may not exist.
+Since 6.2alpha3:
+ - Use LINUX_STACKBOTTOM for >= glibc2.2 on Linux/MIPS. (See Debian bug
+ # 177204)
+ - Integrated Jeff Sturm and Jesse Rosenstock's MACOSX threads patches.
+ - Integrated Grzegorz Jakacki's substantial GNU build patch. "Make dist"
+ should now work for the GNU build process. Documentation files
+ are installed under share/gc.
+ - Tweaked gc_cpp.h to again support the Borland compiler. (Thanks to
+ Rene Girard for pointing out the problems.)
+ - Updated BCC_MAKEFILE (thanks to Rene Girard).
+ - Added GC_ASSERT check for minimum thread stack size.
+ - Added --enable-gc-assertions.
+ - Added some web documentation to the distribution. Updated it in the
+ process.
+ - Separate gc_conf_macros.h from gc.h.
+ - Added generic GC_THREADS client-defined macro to set the appropriate
+ GC_XXX_THREADS internal macro. (gc_config_macros.h.)
+ - Add debugging versions of _ignore_off_page allocation primitves.
+ - Moved declarations of GC_make_closure and GC_debug_invoke_finalizer
+ from gc.h to gc_priv.h.
+ - Reset GC_fail_count even if only a small allocation succeeds.
+ - Integrated Brian Alliet's patch for dynamic library support on Darwin.
+ - gc_cpp.h's gc_cleanup destructor called GC_REGISTER_FINALIZER_IGNORE_SELF
+ when it should have called the lower case version, since it was
+ explicitly computing a base pointer.
+Since 6.2alpha4:
+ - GC_invoke_finalizers could, under rare conditions, set
+ GC_finalizer_mem_freed to an essentially random value. This could
+ possibly cause unbounded heap growth for long-running applications
+ under some conditions. (The bug was introduced in 6.1alpha5, and
+ is not in gcc3.3. Thanks to Ben Hutchings for finding it.)
+ - Attempted to sanitize the various DLL macros. GC_USE_DLL disappeared.
+ GC_DLL is used instead. All internal tests are now on GC_DLL.
+ README.macros is now more precise about the intended meaning.
+ - Include DllMain in the multithreaded win32 version only if the
+ collector is actually built as a dll. (Thanks to Mohan Embar for
+ a version of the patch.)
+ - Hide the cygwin threadAttach/Detach functions. They were violating our
+ namespace rules.
+ - Fixed an assertion in GC_check_heap_proc. Added GC_STATIC_ASSERT.
+ (Thanks again to Ben Hutchings.)
+ - Removed some obsolete definitions for Linux/PowerPC in gcconfig.h.
+ - CORD_cat was not rebalancing unbalanced trees in some cases, violating
+ a CORD invariant. Also tweaked the rebalancing rule for
+ CORD_cat_char_star. (Thanks to Alexandr Petrosian for the bug report
+ and patch.)
+ - Added hand-coded structured exception handling support to mark.c.
+ This should enable support of dynamic libraries under win32 with
+ gcc-compiled code. (Thanks to Ranjit Mathew for the patch.)
+ Turned on dynamic library scanning for win32/gcc.
+ - Removed some remnants of read wrapping. (Thanks to Kenneth Schalk.)
+ GC_USE_LD_WRAP ws probably broken in recent versions.
+ - The build could fail on some platforms since gcconfig.h could include
+ declarations mentioning ptr_t, which was not defined, e.g. when if_mach
+ was built. (Thanks to Yann Dirson for pointing this out.) Also
+ cleaned up tests for GC_PRIVATE_H in gcconfig.h a bit.
+ - The GC_LOOP_ON_ABORT environment variable interfered with incremental
+ collection, since the write fault handler was erroneously overridden.
+ Handlers are now set up in the correct order.
+ - It used to be possible to call GC_mark_thread_local_free_lists() while
+ the world was not stopped during an incremental GC. This was not safe.
+ Fortunately, it was also unnecessary. Added GC_world_stopped flag
+ to avoid it. (This caused occasional crashes in GC_set_fl_marks
+ with thread local allocation and incremental GC. This probably happened
+ primarily on old, slow multiprocessors.)
+ - Allowed overriding of MAX_THREADS in win32_threads.c from the build
+ command line. (Patch from Yannis Bres.)
+ - Taught the IA64/linux code to determine the register backing store base from
+ /proc/self/maps after checking the __libc symbol, but before guessing.
+ (__libc symbols are on the endangered list, and the guess is likely to not
+ always be right for 2.6 kernels.) Restructured the code to read and parse
+ /proc/self/maps so it only exists in one place (all platforms).
+ - The -DUSE_PROC_FOR_LIBRARIES code was broken on Linux. It claimed that it
+ also registered the main data segment, but didn't actually do so. (I don't
+ think anyone actually uses this configuration, but ...)
+ - Made another attempt to get --enablecplusplus to do the right thing.
+ Since there are unavoidable problems with C programs linking against a
+ dynamic library that includes C++ code, I separated out the c++ code into
+ libgccpp.
+Since 6.2alpha5:
+ - There was extra underscore in the name of GC_save_registers_in_stack
+ for NetBSD/SPARC. (Thanks to Jaap Boender for the patch.)
+ - Integrated Brian Alliet's patch for Darwin. This restructured the
+ linuxthreads/pthreads support to separate generic pthreads support
+ from more the system-dependent thread-stopping code. I believe this
+ should make it easier to eliminate the code duplication between
+ pthreads platforms in the future. The patch included some other
+ code cleanups.
+ - Integrated Dan Bonachea's patch to support AIX threads. This required
+ substantial manual integration, mostly due to conflicts with other
+ recent threads changes. It may take another iteration to
+ get it to work.
+ - Removed HPUX/PA-RISC support from aix_irix_threads.c. It wasn't used
+ anyway and it cluttered up the code. And anything we can do to migrate
+ towards generic pthreads support is a good thing.
+ - Added a more explicit test for tracing of function arguments to test.c.
+ (Thanks to Dan Grayson.)
+ - Added Akira Tagoh's PowerPC64 patch.
+ - Fixed some bit rot in the Cygwin port. (Thanks to Dan Bonachea for
+ pointing it out.) Gc.h now includes just windows.h, not winbase.h.
+ - Declared GC_save_regs_in_stack() in gc_priv.h. Remove other declarations.
+ - Changed --enable-cplusplus to use automake consitionals. The old way
+ confused libtool. "Make install" didn't work correctly for the old version.
+ Previously --enable-cplusplus was broken on cygwin.
+ - Changed the C version of GC_push_regs to fail at compile time if it is
+ generated with an empty body. This seems to have been the cause of one
+ or two subtle failures on unusual platforms. Those failures should
+ now occur at build time and be easily fixable.
+Since 6.2alpha6:
+ - Integrated a second round of Irix/AIX patches from Dan Bonachea.
+ Renamed mips_sgi_mach_dep.S back to mips_sgi_mach_dep.s, since it requires
+ the Irix assembler to do the C preprocessing; gcc -E doesn't work.
+ - Fixed for DARWIN. (Thanks to Manuel Serrano.)
+ - There was a race between GC_pthread_detach and thread exit that could
+ result in a thread structure being deallocated by GC_pthread_detach
+ eventhough it was still needed by the thread exit code. (Thanks to
+ Dick Porter for the small test case that allowed this to be debugged.)
+ - Fixed version parsing for non-alpha versions in acinclude.m4 and
+ version checking in version.h.
To do:
+ - A dynamic references dlopen unconditionally, but doesn't link
+ against libdl.
+ - GC_proc_fd for Solaris is not correctly updated in response to a
+ fork() call. Thus incremental collection in the child won't work
+ correctly. (Thanks to Ben Cottrell for pointing this out.)
- --enable-redirect-malloc is mostly untested and known not to work
on some platforms.
- - The win32 collector ends up tracing some (most?) objects allocated with
- the system allocator, in spite if the fact that it tries not to.
- This costs time and space, though it remains correct.
- We need a way to identify memory regions used by the system malloc(),
- or an alternate way to locate dll data areas. A very partial
- workaround is to use GC_malloc_atomic_uncollectable() instead of
- the system malloc() for most allocation.
- There seem to be outstanding issues on Solaris/X86, possibly with
finding the data segment starting address. Information/patches would
be appreciated.