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+As of GC6.0alpha8, we attempt to support GNU-style builds based on automake,
+autoconf and libtool. This is based almost entirely on Tom Tromey's work
+with gcj.
+To build and install libraries use
+configure; make; make install
+The advantages of this process are:
+1) It should eventually do a better job of automatically determining the
+right compiler to use, etc. It probably already does in some cases.
+2) It tries to automatically set a good set of default GC parameters for
+the platform (e.g. thread support). It provides an easier way to configure
+some of the others.
+3) It integrates better with other projects using a GNU-style build process.
+4) It builds both dynamic and static libraries.
+The known disadvantages are:
+1) The build scripts are much more complex and harder to debug (though largely
+standard). I don't understand them all, and there's probably lots of redundant
+2) It probably doesn't work on all Un*x-like platforms yet. It probably will
+never work on the rest.
+3) The scripts are not yet complete. Some of the standard GNU targets don't
+yet work. (Corrections/additions are very welcome.)
+The distribution should contain all files needed to run "configure" and "make",
+as well as the sources needed to regenerate the derived files. (If I missed
+some, please let me know.)
+Note that the distribution comes with a "Makefile" which will be overwritten
+by "configure" with one that is not at all equiavelent to the original. The
+distribution contains a copy of the original "Makefile" in "".
+Important options to configure:
+ --prefix=PREFIX install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
+ [/usr/local]
+ --exec-prefix=EPREFIX install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX
+ [same as prefix]
+ --enable-threads=TYPE choose threading package
+ --enable-parallel-mark parallelize marking and free list construction
+ --enable-full-debug include full support for pointer backtracing etc.
+Unless --prefix is set (or --exec-prefix or one of the more obscure options),
+make install will install libgc.a and in /usr/local/bin, which
+would typically require the "make install" to be run as root.
+Most commonly --enable-threads=posix or will be needed. --enable-parallel-mark
+is recommended for multiprocessors if it is supported on the platform.