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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Permission to modify the code and to distribute modified code is granted,
provided the above notices are retained, and a notice that the code was
modified is included with the above copyright notice.
-This is version 4.8 of a conservative garbage collector for C and C++.
+This is version 4.10 of a conservative garbage collector for C and C++.
@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ result in arrays allocated using the default new operator.
This is likely to result in disaster without linker warnings.
3. If your compiler supports an overloaded new[] operator,
-then and gc_c++.h should be suitably modified.
+then and gc_cpp.h should be suitably modified.
4. Many current C++ compilers have deficiencies that
break some of the functionality. See the comments in gc_cpp.h
@@ -900,7 +900,7 @@ Since version 4.2:
- Fixed SPARC alignment problem with GC_DEBUG.
- Fixed Solaris threads /proc workaround. The real
problem was an interaction with mprotect.
-- Incorporated fix from Patrick Beard for gc_c++.h.
+- Incorporated fix from Patrick Beard for gc_c++.h (now gc_cpp.h).
- Slightly improved allocator space utilization by
fixing the GC_size_map mechanism.
- Integrated some Sony News and MIPS RISCos 4.51
@@ -955,8 +955,9 @@ Since version 4.2:
- John Ellis' additions to the C++ support: From John:
-* I completely rewrote the documentation in the interface gc_c++.h.
-I've tried to make it both clearer and more precise.
+* I completely rewrote the documentation in the interface gc_c++.h
+(later renamed gc_cpp.h). I've tried to make it both clearer and more
* The definition of accessibility now ignores pointers from an
finalizable object (an object with a clean-up function) to itself.
@@ -974,8 +975,9 @@ don't yet support operator new[], it is conditionalized on
-DOPERATOR_NEW_ARRAY. The code is untested, but its trivial and looks
-* The test program test_gc_c++ tries to test for the C++-specific
-functionality not tested by the other programs.
+* The test program test_gc_c++ (later renamed
+tries to test for the C++-specific functionality not tested by the
+other programs.
- Added <unistd.h> include to misc.c. (Needed for ppcr.)
- Added PowerMac port. (Thanks to Patrick Beard again.)
- Fixed "srcdir"-related Makefile problems. Changed things so
@@ -1133,3 +1135,26 @@ Since version 4.6:
Since version 4.7:
- Changed a "comment" in a MacOS specific part of mach-dep.c that caused
gcc to fail on other platforms.
+Since version 4.8
+ - More README.debugging fixes.
+ - Objects ready for finalization, but not finalized in the same GC
+ cycle, could be prematurely collected. This occasionally happened
+ in test_cpp.
+ - Too little memory was obtained from the system for very large
+ objects. That could cause a heap explosion if these objects were
+ not contiguous (e.g. under PCR), and too much of them was blacklisted.
+ - Due to an improper initialization, the collector was too hesitant to
+ allocate blacklisted objects immediately after system startup.
+ - Moved GC_arrays from the data into the bss segment by not explicitly
+ initializing it to zero. This significantly
+ reduces the size of executables, and probably avoids some disk accesses
+ on program startup. It's conceivable that it might break a port that I
+ didn't test.
+ - Fixed EMX_MAKEFILE to reflect the gc_c++.h to gc_cpp.h renaming which
+ occurred a while ago.
+Since 4.9:
+ - Fixed a typo around a call to GC_collect_or_expand in alloc.c. It broke
+ handling of out of memory. (Thanks to Patrick Beard for noticing.)