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Debugging suggestions:
+****If you get a segmentation fault or bus error while debugging with a debugger:
+If the fault occurred in GC_find_limit, or with incremental collection enabled, this is probably normal. The collector installs handlers to take care of these. You will not see these unless you are using a debugger. Your debugger should allow you to continue. It's preferable to tell the debugger to ignore SIGBUS and SIGSEGV ("handle" in gdb, "ignore" in most versions of dbx) and set a breakpoint in abort. The collector will call abort if the signal had another cause, and there was not other handler previously installed. I recommend debugging without incremental collection if possible. (This applies directly to UNIX systems. Debugging with incremental collection under win32 is worse. See README.win32.)
****If you get warning messages informing you that the collector needed to allocate blacklisted blocks:
0) Ignore these warnings while you are using GC_DEBUG. Some of the routines mentioned below don't have debugging equivalents. (Alternatively, write the missing routines and send them to me.)