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-Should work under OSF/1 and Linux. Currently no VMS or NT support, though
-the latter shouldn't be hard.
-Incremental gc not yet supported under Linux because signal handler
-for SIGSEGV can't get a hold of fault address. Dynamic library support
-is also missing from Linux/alpha, probably for no good reason.
-Currently there is no thread support in the standard distribution. There
-exists a separate port to DEC Unix pthreads. It should be possible to
-port the X86 Linux threads support to Alpha without much trouble.
-If you get asssembler errors, be sure to read the first few lines of the
-From Philippe Queinnec:
-System: DEC/Alpha OSF1 v3.2, vendor cc
-Problem: can't link if libgc has been compiled with "cc -std1".
- It works if the library has been compiled with either gcc or "cc"
- alone. The problem is because the variable "end" is not defined if
- compiling in std1 mode (see man ld).
-Proposed fix: none. Don't use cc -std1 !