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+++ b/Makefile
# Setjmp_test may yield overly optimistic results when compiled
# without optimization.
# -DSILENT disables statistics printing, and improves performance.
-# -DCHECKSUMS reports on erroneously clear dirty bits, and unexpectedly
-# altered stubborn objects, at substantial performance cost.
-# Use only for incremental collector debugging.
-# -DFIND_LEAK causes the collector to assume that all inaccessible
+# -DFIND_LEAK causes GC_find_leak to be initially set.
+# This causes the collector to assume that all inaccessible
# objects should have been explicitly deallocated, and reports exceptions.
# Finalization and the test program are not usable in this mode.
# -DSOLARIS_THREADS enables support for Solaris (thr_) threads.
# finalize.c). Objects reachable from finalizable objects will be marked
# in a sepearte postpass, and hence their memory won't be reclaimed.
# Not recommended unless you are implementing a language that specifies
-# these semantics.
+# these semantics. Since 5.0, determines only only the initial value
+# of GC_java_finalization variable.
# -DFINALIZE_ON_DEMAND causes finalizers to be run only in response
# to explicit GC_invoke_finalizers() calls.
+# In 5.0 this became runtime adjustable, and this only determines the
+# initial value of GC_finalize_on_demand.
# -DATOMIC_UNCOLLECTABLE includes code for GC_malloc_atomic_uncollectable.
# This is useful if either the vendor malloc implementation is poor,
# or if REDIRECT_MALLOC is used.
# fragmentation, but generally better performance for large heaps.
# -DUSE_MMAP use MMAP instead of sbrk to get new memory.
# Works for Solaris and Irix.
+# -DUSE_MUNMAP causes memory to be returned to the OS under the right
+# circumstances. This currently disables VM-based incremental collection.
+# This is currently experimental, and works only under some Unix and
+# Linux versions.
# -DMMAP_STACKS (for Solaris threads) Use mmap from /dev/zero rather than
# GC_scratch_alloc() to get stack memory.
# -DPRINT_BLACK_LIST Whenever a black list entry is added, i.e. whenever
# allocation strategy. The new strategy tries harder to minimize
# fragmentation, sometimes at the expense of spending more time in the
# large block allocator and/or collecting more frequently.
-# If you expect the allocator to promtly use an explicitly expanded
+# If you expect the allocator to promptly use an explicitly expanded
# heap, this is highly recommended.
+# -DKEEP_BACK_PTRS Add code to save back pointers in debugging headers
+# for objects allocated with the debugging allocator. If all objects
+# through GC_MALLOC with GC_DEBUG defined, this allows the client
+# to determine how particular or randomly chosen objects are reachable
+# for debugging/profiling purposes. The backptr.h interface is
+# implemented only if this is defined.
+# -DGC_ASSERTIONS Enable some internal GC assertion checking. Currently
+# this facility is only used in a few places. It is intended primarily
+# for debugging of the garbage collector itself, but could also
+# occasionally be useful for debugging of client code. Slows down the
+# collector somewhat, but not drastically.
+# -DCHECKSUMS reports on erroneously clear dirty bits, and unexpectedly
+# altered stubborn objects, at substantial performance cost.
+# Use only for debugging of the incremental collector.
-DREDIRECT_MALLOC=GC_malloc_uncollectable \
@@ -145,7 +163,7 @@ SRCS= $(CSRCS) mips_sgi_mach_dep.s rs6000_mach_dep.s alpha_mach_dep.s \
threadlibs.c if_mach.c if_not_there.c gc_cpp.h weakpointer.h \
gcc_support.c mips_ultrix_mach_dep.s include/gc_alloc.h gc_alloc.h \
include/new_gc_alloc.h include/javaxfc.h sparc_sunos4_mach_dep.s \
- solaris_threads.h $(CORD_SRCS)
+ solaris_threads.h backptr.h $(CORD_SRCS)
README test.c setjmp_t.c SMakefile.amiga \
@@ -153,7 +171,7 @@ OTHER_FILES= Makefile PCR-Makefile OS2_MAKEFILE NT_MAKEFILE BCC_MAKEFILE \
cord/gc.h include/gc.h include/gc_typed.h include/cord.h \
include/ec.h include/private/cord_pos.h include/private/gcconfig.h \
include/private/gc_hdrs.h include/private/gc_priv.h \
- include/gc_cpp.h README.rs6000 \
+ include/gc_cpp.h README.rs6000 include/backptr.h \
include/weakpointer.h README.QUICK callprocs pc_excludes \
barrett_diagram README.OS2 README.Mac MacProjects.sit.hqx \
MacOS.c EMX_MAKEFILE makefile.depend README.debugging \
@@ -162,7 +180,8 @@ OTHER_FILES= Makefile PCR-Makefile OS2_MAKEFILE NT_MAKEFILE BCC_MAKEFILE \
add_gc_prefix.c README.solaris2 README.sgi README.hp README.uts \
win32_threads.c NT_THREADS_MAKEFILE gc.mak \
README.alpha README.linux version.h Makefile.DLLs \
+ WCC_MAKEFILE nursery.c nursery.h gc_copy_descr.h \
+ include/leak_detector.h
CORD_INCLUDE_FILES= $(srcdir)/gc.h $(srcdir)/cord/cord.h $(srcdir)/cord/ec.h \
@@ -199,19 +218,23 @@ mark.o typd_mlc.o finalize.o: $(srcdir)/gc_mark.h
base_lib gc.a: $(OBJS) dyn_load.o $(UTILS)
echo > base_lib
- rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_1
- ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch on_sparc_sunos5_1
+ rm -f dont_ar_1
+ ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch dont_ar_1
./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 $(AR) rus gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_1 $(AR) ru gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_1 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA touch dont_ar_1
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA $(AR) -vrus gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_1 $(AR) ru gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_1 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
# ignore ranlib failure; that usually means it doesn't exist, and isn't needed
cords: $(CORD_OBJS) cord/cordtest $(UTILS)
- rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_3
- ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch on_sparc_sunos5_3
+ rm -f dont_ar_3
+ ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch dont_ar_3
./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 $(AR) rus gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_3 $(AR) ru gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_3 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA touch dont_ar_3
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA $(AR) -vrus gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_3 $(AR) ru gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_3 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
gc_cpp.o: $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/gc_cpp.h $(srcdir)/gc.h Makefile
$(CXX) -c $(CXXFLAGS) $(srcdir)/
@@ -223,11 +246,13 @@ base_lib $(UTILS)
./if_not_there test_cpp $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o test_cpp $(srcdir)/ gc_cpp.o gc.a `./threadlibs`
c++: gc_cpp.o $(srcdir)/gc_cpp.h test_cpp
- rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_4
- ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch on_sparc_sunos5_4
+ rm -f dont_ar_4
+ ./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 touch dont_ar_4
./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 $(AR) rus gc.a gc_cpp.o
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_4 $(AR) ru gc.a gc_cpp.o
- ./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_4 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA touch dont_ar_4
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA $(AR) -vrus gc.a gc_cpp.o
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_4 $(AR) ru gc.a gc_cpp.o
+ ./if_not_there dont_ar_4 $(RANLIB) gc.a || cat /dev/null
./test_cpp 1
echo > c++
@@ -276,6 +301,7 @@ mach_dep.o: $(srcdir)/mach_dep.c $(srcdir)/mips_sgi_mach_dep.s $(srcdir)/mips_ul
./if_mach ALPHA "" $(AS) -o mach_dep.o $(srcdir)/alpha_mach_dep.s
./if_mach SPARC SUNOS5 $(AS) -o mach_dep.o $(srcdir)/sparc_mach_dep.s
./if_mach SPARC SUNOS4 $(AS) -o mach_dep.o $(srcdir)/sparc_sunos4_mach_dep.s
+ ./if_mach SPARC OPENBSD $(AS) -o mach_dep.o $(srcdir)/sparc_sunos4_mach_dep.s
./if_not_there mach_dep.o $(CC) -c $(SPECIALCFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mach_dep.c
mark_rts.o: $(srcdir)/mark_rts.c if_mach if_not_there $(UTILS)
@@ -313,6 +339,7 @@ cord/de: $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(UTILS)
./if_mach RS6000 "" $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses
./if_mach I386 LINUX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses `./threadlibs`
./if_mach ALPHA LINUX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses
+ ./if_mach M68K AMIGA $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses
./if_not_there cord/de $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(CURSES) `./threadlibs`
if_mach: $(srcdir)/if_mach.c $(srcdir)/gcconfig.h