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authorivmai <ivmai>2009-10-20 23:27:25 +0200
committerIvan Maidanski <>2011-07-26 19:06:51 +0200
commitc4e4721f491632c2039cece14400f353794273f4 (patch)
tree81ea0ea761bfcdc92d55a67d28fc0f83659cf9dd /misc.c
parentf2127b50f72ad5449c24f1e0bd4b3d4ca88185d8 (diff)
2009-10-20 Ivan Maidanski <> (really mostly OpenBSD contributors)
* (openbsd): Define GC_OPENBSD_THREADS. * Add AM_CONDITIONAL(OPENBSD_THREADS). * Add sparc-openbsd case. * doc/README.macros (GC_NETBSD_THREADS, GC_OPENBSD_THREADS): Document. * tests/test.c (main): Handle OpenBSD case. * extra/threadlibs.c: Add the copyright header; expand all tabs to spaces; remove trailing spaces at EOLn. * include/private/pthread_stop_world.h: Ditto. * extra/threadlibs.c (main): Replace K&R-style function definition with the ANSI C one. * extra/threadlibs.c (main): Handle GC_OPENBSD_THREADS case. * dyn_load.c (OPENBSD): Recognize (similar to NETBSD). * include/gc_config_macros.h (GC_SOLARIS_THREADS): Recognize; define it for OpenBSD. * include/gc_pthread_redirects.h (GC_pthread_sigmask, pthread_sigmask): Don't declare and redefine for OpenBSD. * include/private/gcconfig.h: Handle OpenBSD (on arm, sh, i386, amd64, powerpc). * mach_dep.c (NO_GETCONTEXT): Ditto. * include/private/pthread_stop_world.h (thread_stop_info): Don't define last_stop_count field if OpenBSD. * misc.c (GC_init_dyld): Add declaration (if NetBSD). * misc.c (GC_init): Don't call GC_init_netbsd_elf() for OpenBSD. * os_dep.c (GC_init_netbsd_elf): Don't define for OpenBSD. * os_dep.c (old_segv_act, GC_jmp_buf_openbsd): New static variable (only if OpenBSD). * os_dep.c (GC_fault_handler_openbsd, GC_find_limit_openbsd, GC_skip_hole_openbsd): New static function (only if OpenBSD). * os_dep.c (GC_get_stack_base, GC_get_main_stack_base, GC_register_data_segments): Define specially for OpenBSD case. * os_dep.c (GC_fault_handler_lock): Initialize to AO_TS_INITIALIZER (instead of 0). * pthread_support.c (GC_allocate_lock): Ditto. * pthread_stop_world.c (NSIG, GC_print_sig_mask, GC_remove_allowed_signals, suspend_handler_mask, GC_stop_count, GC_world_is_stopped, GC_retry_signals, SIG_THR_RESTART, GC_suspend_ack_sem, GC_suspend_handler_inner, GC_suspend_handler, GC_restart_handler): Don't define and use if OpenBSD. * pthread_stop_world.c (GC_suspend_all, GC_stop_world, GC_start_world): Handle OpenBSD case. * pthread_stop_world.c (GC_stop_init): Define as empty if OpenBSD. * pthread_support.c (pthread_sigmask): Don't undefine the macro and don't define the wrapper function if OpenBSD. * pthread_support.c (GC_thr_init): Handle OpenBSD case. * configure: Regenerate. * include/private/ Ditto.
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/misc.c b/misc.c
index e3ae946..4d58e0f 100644
--- a/misc.c
+++ b/misc.c
@@ -516,6 +516,10 @@ static void maybe_install_looping_handler(void)
void GC_init_dyld(void);
+#if defined(NETBSD) && defined(__ELF__)
+ void GC_init_netbsd_elf(void);
#if !defined(OS2) && !defined(MACOS) && !defined(MSWIN32) && !defined(MSWINCE)
STATIC int GC_log = 2;
@@ -726,7 +730,7 @@ GC_API void GC_CALL GC_init(void)
# endif
-# if (defined(NETBSD) || defined(OPENBSD)) && defined(__ELF__)
+# if defined(NETBSD) && defined(__ELF__)
# endif
# if !defined(THREADS) || defined(GC_PTHREADS) || defined(GC_WIN32_THREADS) \