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doc: Update README for Solaris regarding multi-threading support
* doc/README.solaris2 (SOLARIS THREADS): Update. * doc/overview.html: Remove information about Solaris old-style threads support.
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@@ -24,9 +24,15 @@ Alternatively, you can configure with --disable-shared.
-The collector must be compiled with -DGC_THREADS to be thread safe.
+Threads support is enabled by configure "--enable-threads=posix" option.
+(In case of GCC compiler, multi-threading support is on by default.)
+This causes the collector to be compiled with -D GC_THREADS (or
+-D GC_SOLARIS_THREADS) ensuring thread safety.
This assumes use of the pthread_ interface. Old style Solaris threads
are no longer supported.
+Thread-local allocation is now on by default. Parallel marking is on by
+default starting from GC v7.3 but it could be enabled or disabled manually
+by the corresponding "--enable/disable-parallel-mark" options.
It is also essential that gc.h be included in files that call pthread_create,
pthread_join, pthread_detach, or dlopen. gc.h macro defines these to also do
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@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ Tru64, Irix and a few other operating systems.
Some ports are more polished than others.
Irix pthreads, Linux threads, Win32 threads, Solaris threads
-(old style and pthreads),
+(pthreads only),
HP/UX 11 pthreads, Tru64 pthreads, and MacOS X threads are supported
in recent versions.
</p><h3>Separately distributed ports</h3>