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2011-04-11 Ivan Maidanski <> (mostly really Jim Meyering)
* Remove doubled words in comments. * os_dep.c: Ditto. * doc/README: Ditto. * extra/setjmp_t.c: Ditto. * tests/huge_test.c: Ditto. * extra/setjmp_t.c (getpagesize, nested_sp, main, g): Replace the K&R-style function definition with the ANSI C one. * extra/setjmp_t.c: Expand all tabs to spaces. * extra/setjmp_t.c (nested_sp): Implement in the same way as GC_approx_sp.
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@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS defined, or GC_all_interior_pointers is otherwise
set, as is now the default.
Compiling without ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS may reduce accidental retention
-of garbage objects, by requiring pointers from the heap to to the beginning
+of garbage objects, by requiring pointers from the heap to the beginning
of an object. But this no longer appears to be a significant
issue for most programs occupying a small fraction of the possible
address space.