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2011-04-03 Ivan Maidanski <>
* misc.c (GC_stdout, GC_stderr): Move the definition to the place where GC_log is defined (Unix only). * misc.c (GC_init): Recognize "GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE" environment variable and the similar macro; redirect GC_stdout and GC_stderr to GC_log if "GC_LOG_FILE" environment variable is set unless prohibited by GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE (Unix only). * doc/README.environment (GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE): Document. * doc/README.macros (GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE): Ditto.
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@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ GC_PRINT_STATS - Turn on GC logging. Not functional with SMALL_CONFIG.
GC_LOG_FILE - The name of the log file. Stderr by default. Not functional
+GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE - Turns off redirection of GC stdout and stderr to the log
+ file specified by GC_LOG_FILE. Has no effect unless
+ GC_LOG_FILE is set. Not functional with SMALL_CONFIG.
GC_PRINT_VERBOSE_STATS - Turn on even more logging. Not functional with
diff --git a/doc/README.macros b/doc/README.macros
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--- a/doc/README.macros
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@@ -502,6 +502,10 @@ GC_IGNORE_GCJ_INFO Disable GCJ-style type information (useful for
GC_PRINT_VERBOSE_STATS Permanently turn on verbose logging (useful for
debugging and profiling on WinCE).
+GC_ONLY_LOG_TO_FILE Don't redirect GC stdout and stderr to the log file
+ specified by GC_LOG_FILE environment variable. Has effect only when the
+ variable is set (to anything other than "0").
GC_DONT_EXPAND Don't expand the heap unless explicitly requested or forced to.
GC_USE_ENTIRE_HEAP Causes the non-incremental collector to use the