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Define GC_DLL if building only dynamic libraries.
Update README for Cygwin/MinGW. * (GC_DLL): New AC template; define if only the dynamic libraries are being built. * (THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC): Define for Win32 implicitly if static libraries are being built (i.e. GC_DLL is not defined). * doc/README.win32: Update "GNU Tools" section.
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GNU Tools
-The collector should be buildable under Cygwin with either the old standard
-Makefile, or possibly with the "configure --disable-shared;make" machinery.
-(For the latter use --enable-threads=posix for thread support.) The major issue
-here seems to be that dynamic library support is not currently enabled for
-Cygwin. (This is probably fixable without a great deal of difficulty by
-reusing the standard WIN32 code. But it requires some tweaking.) As a result
-of this, "configure; make; make check" currently does not completely succeed,
-though the static library appears to be OK when used only from the main
-programs, and correspondingly the self tests succeed.
-Mingw32 builds are not regularly tested, and may or may not work.
-The following paragraph is probably obsolete:
-For GNU-win32, use the regular makefile, possibly after uncommenting
-the line "include Makefile.DLLs". The latter should be necessary only
-if you want to package the collector as a DLL.
-[Is the following sentence obsolete? -HB] The GNU-win32 port is
-believed to work only for b18, not b19, probably due to linker changes
-in b19. This is probably fixable with a different definition of
-DATASTART and DATAEND in gcconfig.h.
+The collector should be buildable under Cygwin with the
+"./configure; make check" machinery.
+MinGW builds (including for x86_64) are available via cross-compilation, e.g.
+"./configure --host=i686-pc-mingw32; make check"
+To build the collector as a DLL, pass "--enable-shared --disable-static" to
+configure (this will instruct make compile with -D GC_DLL).
+Parallel marker could be enabled via "--enable-parallel-mark".
+Memory unmapping could be enabled via "--enable-munmap" (not well supported
+on Cygwin currently).
Borland Tools