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authorhboehm <hboehm>2008-07-26 02:51:33 +0200
committerIvan Maidanski <>2011-07-26 19:06:43 +0200
commit68b9f2740e77bfae2b94392140608d952114b199 (patch)
tree492d095c29a2cfc5cbbc4a49b41fa1f5b06bc6ff /checksums.c
parent1867d249698c81214418b2cf9752a987abb7b4f2 (diff)
2008-07-25 Hans Boehm <> (Really mostly Ivan Maidanski)
Ivan's description of the patch follows. Note that a few pieces like the GC_malloc(0) patch, were not applied since an alternate had been previously applied. A few differed stylistically from the rest of the code (mostly casts to void * instead of target type), or were classified as too minor to bother. Note that all of Ivan's static declarations which did not correct outright naming bugs (as a few did), where replaced by STATIC, which is ignored by default. - minor bug fixing (for FreeBSD, for THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC and for GC_malloc(0)); - addition of missing getter/setter functions for public variables (may be useful if compiled as Win32 DLL); - addition of missing GC_API for some exported functions; - addition of missing "static" declarator for internal functions and variables (where possible); - replacement of all remaining K&R-style definitions with ANSI C ones (__STDC__ macro is not used anymore); - addition of some Win32 macro definitions (that may be missing in the standard headers supplied with a compiler) for GWW_VDB mode; - elimination of most compiler warnings (except for "uninitialized data" warning); - several typos correction; - missing parenthesis addition in macros in some header files of "libatomic_ops" module. My highlights based on reading the patch: * allchblk.c: Remove GC_freehblk_ptr decl. Make free_list_index_of() static. * include/gc.h: Use __int64 on win64, define GC_oom_func, GC_finalizer_notifier_proc, GC_finalizer_notifier_proc, add getter and setters: GC_get_gc_no, GC_get_parallel, GC_set_oom_fn, GC_set_finalize_on_demand, GC_set_java_finalization, GC_set_dont_expand, GC_set_no_dls, GC_set_max_retries, GC_set_dont_precollect, GC_set_finalizer_notifier. Always define GC_win32_free_heap. gc_config_macros.h: Define _REENTRANT after processing GC_THREADS. * include/gc_cpp.h: Improve GC_PLACEMENT_DELETE test, handling of operator new[] for old Windows compilers. * include/gc_inline.h (GC_MALLOC_FAST_GRANS): Add parentheses around arguments. * dbg_mlc.c, malloc.c, misc.c: Add many GC_API specs. * mark.c (GC_mark_and_push_stack): Fix source argument for blacklist printing. * misc.c: Fix log file naming based on environment variable for Windows. Make GC_set_warn_proc and GC_set_free_space_divisor just return current value with 0 argument. Add DONT_USER_USER32_DLL. Add various getters and setters as in gc.h. * os_dep.c: Remove no longer used GC_disable/enable_signals implementations. (GC_get_stack_base): Add pthread_attr_destroy call. No longer set GC_old_bus_handler in DARWIN workaround. * pthread_support.c: GC_register_my_thread must also call GC_init_thread_local.
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1 files changed, 8 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/checksums.c b/checksums.c
index 0942acb..419a89a 100644
--- a/checksums.c
+++ b/checksums.c
@@ -34,8 +34,7 @@ typedef struct {
page_entry GC_sums [NSUMS];
-word GC_checksum(h)
-struct hblk *h;
+STATIC word GC_checksum(struct hblk *h)
register word *p = (word *)h;
register word *lim = (word *)(h+1);
@@ -50,8 +49,7 @@ struct hblk *h;
/* Check whether a stubborn object from the given block appears on */
/* the appropriate free list. */
-GC_bool GC_on_free_list(struct hblk *h)
-struct hblk *h;
+STATIC GC_bool GC_on_free_list(struct hblk *h)
hdr * hhdr = HDR(h);
int sz = BYTES_TO_WORDS(hhdr -> hb_sz);
@@ -70,7 +68,7 @@ int GC_n_changed_errors;
int GC_n_clean;
int GC_n_dirty;
-void GC_update_check_page(struct hblk *h, int index)
+STATIC void GC_update_check_page(struct hblk *h, int index)
page_entry *pe = GC_sums + index;
register hdr * hhdr = HDR(h);
@@ -117,19 +115,18 @@ void GC_update_check_page(struct hblk *h, int index)
unsigned long GC_bytes_in_used_blocks;
-void GC_add_block(h, dummy)
-struct hblk *h;
-word dummy;
+STATIC void GC_add_block(struct hblk *h, word dummy)
hdr * hhdr = HDR(h);
- bytes = hhdr -> hb_sz;
+ size_t bytes = hhdr -> hb_sz;
bytes += HBLKSIZE-1;
bytes &= ~(HBLKSIZE-1);
GC_bytes_in_used_blocks += bytes;
-void GC_check_blocks()
+STATIC void GC_check_blocks(void)
unsigned long bytes_in_free_blocks = GC_large_free_bytes;
@@ -144,7 +141,7 @@ void GC_check_blocks()
/* Should be called immediately after GC_read_dirty and GC_read_changed. */
-void GC_check_dirty()
+void GC_check_dirty(void)
register int index;
register unsigned i;