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authorhboehm <hboehm>2008-10-25 02:13:19 +0200
committerIvan Maidanski <>2011-07-26 19:06:43 +0200
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2008-10-24 Hans Boehm <>
(Partially based loosely on patch from Ivan Maidanski) * win32_threads.c (GC_may_be_in_stack): New. (GC_Thread_Rep): Add last_stack_min. (GC_push_stack_for): Use last_stack_min. (GC_get_next_stack): Add limit argument, use_last_stack_min. (GC_suspend): make stack_base assignment conditional. * dyn_load.c (win32 GC_cod_add_roots): Pass limit to GC_get_next_stack. * Remove. *,, doc/README.win32, Partially support build directories whose path name contains blanks. * Support new files (, * Regenerate.
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+# We install through the temporary directory in case pwd contains spaces,
+# which otherwise breaks the build machinery.
+# This is a gross hack and probably breaks incremental rebuilds
+mkdir libatomic_ops-install
+Q=`mktemp -d`
+ln -s "$P" $Q/dir
+cd $Q/dir/libatomic_ops-*[0-9]
+./configure --prefix=$Q/dir/libatomic_ops-install
+$MAKE CC=$CC install
+cd /
+rm $Q/dir
+rmdir $Q