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@@ -1,95 +1,130 @@
-# Makefile for Watcom C/C++ 10.5, 10.6, 11.0 on NT, OS2 and DOS4GW .
-# May work with Watcom 10.0 .
+# Makefile for Watcom C/C++ 10.5, 10.6, 11.0 on NT, OS2 and DOS4GW.
+# May work with Watcom 10.0.
-# Uncoment one of line for cross compiling
+# Uncoment one of the lines below for cross compilation.
-!ifndef SYSTEM
+# The collector can be built either as dynamic or as static library.
+# Select the library type you need.
-!ifdef __MSDOS__
+# Select calling conventions.
+# Possible choices are r and s.
-!ifdef __NT__
+# Select target CPU.
+# Possible choices are 3, 4, 5, and 6.
+# The last choice available only since version 11.0.
-!ifdef __OS2__
+# Set optimization options.
+# Watcom before 11.0 does not support option "-oh".
+OPTIM=-oneatx -s
+#OPTIM=-ohneatx -s
+!ifndef SYSTEM
+!ifdef __MSDOS__
+!else ifdef __NT__
+!else ifdef __OS2__
!define $(SYSTEM)
+!ifdef DOS4GW
+!else ifdef MSWIN32
+!else ifdef OS2
+SYSFLAG=-DOS2 -bt=os2
+!error undefined or unsupported target platform: $(SYSTEM)
+!ifdef MAKE_AS_DLL
+!else ifdef MAKE_AS_LIB
+!error Either MAKE_AS_LIB or MAKE_AS_DLL should be defined
-# Watcom before 11.0 not support option -oh
-# Remove it if you get error
-OPTIM=-oneatxh -s
-# ! -DUSE_GENERIC required !
+# -DUSE_GENERIC is required !
OBJS= alloc.obj reclaim.obj allchblk.obj misc.obj &
mach_dep.obj os_dep.obj mark_rts.obj headers.obj mark.obj &
obj_map.obj blacklst.obj finalize.obj new_hblk.obj &
dbg_mlc.obj malloc.obj stubborn.obj dyn_load.obj &
- typd_mlc.obj ptr_chck.obj gc_cpp.obj mallocx.obj
+ typd_mlc.obj ptr_chck.obj mallocx.obj
+all: gc.lib gctest.exe test_cpp.exe
-all: gc.lib gctest.exe
+!ifdef MAKE_AS_DLL
-# this file required for DOS4GW only
-gc_watcom.obj: gc_watcom.asm WCC_MAKEFILE
- $(AS) $(ASFLAGS) gc_watcom.asm
+gc.lib: gc.dll gc_cpp.obj
+ *wlib -b -c -n -p=512 $@ +gc.dll +gc_cpp.obj
+gc.dll: $(OBJS) .AUTODEPEND
+ @%create $*.lnk
!ifdef DOS4GW
-gc.lib: $(OBJS) gc_watcom.obj
- @%create $*.lb1
- @for %i in ($(OBJS)) do @%append $*.lb1 +'%i'
- @@%append $*.lb1 +'gc_watcom.obj'
- *wlib -b -c -n -p=512 $@ @$*.lb1
+ @%append $*.lnk sys os2v2_dll
+!else ifdef MSWIN32
+ @%append $*.lnk sys nt_dll
+!else ifdef OS2
+ @%append $*.lnk sys os2v2_dll
+ @%append $*.lnk name $*
+ @for %i in ($(OBJS)) do @%append $*.lnk file '%i'
+!ifeq CALLING s
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_is_marked
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_incr_words_allocd
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_incr_mem_freed
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_generic_malloc_words_small
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_is_marked_
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_incr_words_allocd_
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_incr_mem_freed_
+ @%append $*.lnk export GC_generic_malloc_words_small_
+ *wlink @$*.lnk
-gc.lib: $(OBJS)
+gc.lib: $(OBJS) gc_cpp.obj
@%create $*.lb1
@for %i in ($(OBJS)) do @%append $*.lb1 +'%i'
+ @%append $*.lb1 +'gc_cpp.obj'
*wlib -b -c -n -p=512 $@ @$*.lb1
-test.obj: test.c
- $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $*.c
gctest.exe: test.obj gc.lib
%create $*.lnk
!ifdef DOS4GW
@%append $*.lnk sys dos4g
-!ifdef MSWIN32
+!else ifdef MSWIN32
@%append $*.lnk sys nt
-!ifdef OS2
+!else ifdef OS2
@%append $*.lnk sys os2v2
@%append $*.lnk op case
@@ -97,8 +132,47 @@ gctest.exe: test.obj gc.lib
@%append $*.lnk name $*
@%append $*.lnk file test.obj
@%append $*.lnk library gc.lib
+!ifdef MAKE_AS_DLL
+!ifeq CALLING s
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_is_marked gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_is_marked_ gc
+ *wlink @$*.lnk
+test_cpp.exe: test_cpp.obj gc.lib
+ %create $*.lnk
+!ifdef DOS4GW
+ @%append $*.lnk sys dos4g
+!else ifdef MSWIN32
+ @%append $*.lnk sys nt
+!else ifdef OS2
+ @%append $*.lnk sys os2v2
+ @%append $*.lnk op case
+ @%append $*.lnk op stack=256K
+ @%append $*.lnk name $*
+ @%append $*.lnk file test_cpp.obj
+ @%append $*.lnk library gc.lib
+!ifdef MAKE_AS_DLL
+!ifeq CALLING s
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_incr_words_allocd gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_incr_mem_freed gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_generic_malloc_words_small gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_incr_words_allocd_ gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_incr_mem_freed_ gc
+ @%append $*.lnk import GC_generic_malloc_words_small_ gc
*wlink @$*.lnk
+gc_cpp.obj: .AUTODEPEND
+ $(CXX) $(TEST_CXXFLAGS) -iinclude $*.cc
+test.obj: test.c .AUTODEPEND
+ $(CC) $(TEST_CFLAGS) $*.c
+test_cpp.obj: .AUTODEPEND
+ $(CXX) $(TEST_CXXFLAGS) -iinclude $*.cc
@@ -107,9 +181,6 @@ gctest.exe: test.obj gc.lib
.cc.obj: .AUTODEPEND
$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $*.cc
-.cpp.obj: .AUTODEPEND
- $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $*.cpp
clean : .SYMBOLIC
@if exist *.obj del *.obj
@if exist *.map del *.map
@@ -121,3 +192,5 @@ clean : .SYMBOLIC
@if exist *.lst del *.lst
@if exist *.exe del *.exe
@if exist *.log del *.log
+ @if exist *.lib del *.lib
+ @if exist *.dll del *.dll