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2007-06-06 Hans Boehm <> (Really mostly Romano Paolo Tenca)
* include/gc.h: (GC_word, GC_signed_word): Fix win64 definitions. Don't include windows.h in an extern "C" context. * include/private/gcconfig.h: Fix win64/X86_64 configuration. * tests/test.c: Eliminate more old style function definitions. Cleanup pointer and integer casts for win64. * tests/ Don't include gc_priv.h. * NT_STATIC_THREADS_MAKEFILE: Restrict suffixes for VC++ 2005. * NT_X64_STATIC_THREADS_MAKEFILE: New.
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+# Makefile for Windows NT. Assumes Microsoft compiler.
+# DLLs are included in the root set under NT, but not under win32S.
+# Use "nmake nodebug=1 all" for optimized versions of library, gctest and editor.
+!include <ntwin32.mak>
+# Make sure that .cc is not viewed as a suffix. It is for VC++2005, but
+# not earlier versions. We can deal with either, but not inconsistency.
+.SUFFIXES: .obj .cpp .c
+# Atomic_ops installation directory. For win32, the source directory
+# should do, since we only need the headers.
+# We assume this was manually unpacked, since I'm not sure there is
+# a Windows standard command line tool to do this.
+OBJS= alloc.obj reclaim.obj allchblk.obj misc.obj mach_dep.obj os_dep.obj mark_rts.obj headers.obj mark.obj obj_map.obj blacklst.obj finalize.obj new_hblk.obj dbg_mlc.obj malloc.obj stubborn.obj dyn_load.obj typd_mlc.obj ptr_chck.obj gc_cpp.obj mallocx.obj win32_threads.obj msvc_dbg.obj thread_local_alloc.obj
+all: gctest.exe cord\de.exe test_cpp.exe
+ $(cc) $(cdebug) $(cflags) $(cvarsmt) -Iinclude -I$(AO_INCLUDE_DIR) -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS -D__STDC__ -DGC_NOT_DLL -DGC_WIN32_THREADS -DTHREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC $*.c /Fo$*.obj /wd4107 -D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE
+# Disable "may not be initialized" warnings. They're too approximate.
+# Disable crt security warnings, since unfortunately they warn about all sorts
+# of safe uses of strncpy. It would be nice to leave the rest enabled.
+ $(cc) $(cdebug) $(cflags) $(cvarsmt) -Iinclude -I$(AO_INCLUDE_DIR) -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS -DGC_NOT_DLL $*.CPP -DGC_WIN32_THREADS -DTHREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC /Fo$*.obj
+$(OBJS) tests\test.obj: include\private\gc_priv.h include\private\gc_hdrs.h include\gc.h include\private\gcconfig.h include\private\gc_locks.h include\private\gc_pmark.h include\gc_mark.h include\private\msvc_dbg.h
+gc.lib: $(OBJS)
+ lib /MACHINE:X64 /out:gc.lib $(OBJS)
+gctest.exe: tests\test.obj gc.lib
+# This produces a "GUI" applications that opens no windows and writes to the log file
+# "gc.log". This was done to make the result runnable under win32s and
+# should be fixed.
+ $(link) -debugtype:cv $(guiflags) -stack:131072 -out:$*.exe tests\test.obj $(guilibs) gc.lib
+cord\de_win.rbj: cord\de_win.res
+ cvtres /MACHINE:$(MY_CPU) /OUT:cord\de_win.rbj cord\de_win.res
+cord\de.obj cord\de_win.obj: include\cord.h include\private\cord_pos.h cord\de_win.h cord\de_cmds.h
+cord\de_win.res: cord\de_win.rc cord\de_win.h cord\de_cmds.h
+ $(rc) $(rcvars) -r -fo cord\de_win.res cord\de_win.rc
+# Cord/de is a real win32 gui application.
+cord\de.exe: cord\cordbscs.obj cord\cordxtra.obj cord\de.obj cord\de_win.obj cord\de_win.rbj gc.lib
+ $(link) -debugtype:cv $(guiflags) -stack:16384 -out:cord\de.exe cord\cordbscs.obj cord\cordxtra.obj cord\de.obj cord\de_win.obj cord\de_win.rbj gc.lib $(guilibs)
+gc_cpp.obj: include\gc_cpp.h include\gc.h
+ copy gc_cpp.cpp
+test_cpp.cpp: tests\
+ copy tests\ test_cpp.cpp
+# This generates the C++ test executable. The executable expects
+# a single numeric argument, which is the number of iterations.
+# The output appears in the file "gc.log".
+test_cpp.exe: test_cpp.obj include\gc_cpp.h include\gc.h gc.lib
+ $(link) -debugtype:cv $(guiflags) -stack:16384 -out:test_cpp.exe test_cpp.obj gc.lib $(guilibs)
+ tar xvfz $(AO_SRC_DIR).tar.gz;