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authorivmai <ivmai>2010-07-28 22:49:53 +0200
committerIvan Maidanski <>2011-07-26 19:06:54 +0200
commit579101b336989280122a2bf4c9a71a43231fbd8a (patch)
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parent7af378266a80aa2c83f7319158020088bb13c7fe (diff)
2010-07-29 Ivan Maidanski <> (with input from NIIBE Yutaka)
* pthread_start.c: New file. * CMakeLists.txt (SRC): Add pthread_start.c. * (libgc_la_SOURCES): Ditto. * (CSRCS): Ditto. * (OBJS): Add pthread_start.obj. * extra/gc.c: Add a comment; include pthread_start.c. * pthread_support.c (start_info): Move the struct definition down closer to its usage. * pthread_support.c (GC_thread_exit_proc): Replace STATIC with GC_INNER. * pthread_support.c (GC_inner_start_routine): Move to the definition to pthread_start.c; leave only the prototype; remove STATIC. * pthread_support.c (GC_start_rtn_prepare_thread): New function (contains parts of the original GC_inner_start_routine). * Regenerate. * configure: Ditto.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/ b/
index 124da25..99075fc 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -73,14 +73,14 @@ OBJS= alloc.o reclaim.o allchblk.o misc.o mach_dep.o os_dep.o mark_rts.o \
headers.o mark.o obj_map.o blacklst.o finalize.o new_hblk.o dbg_mlc.o \
malloc.o stubborn.o checksums.o pthread_support.o pthread_stop_world.o \
darwin_stop_world.o typd_mlc.o ptr_chck.o mallocx.o gcj_mlc.o specific.o \
- gc_dlopen.o backgraph.o win32_threads.o thread_local_alloc.o
+ gc_dlopen.o backgraph.o win32_threads.o pthread_start.o thread_local_alloc.o
CSRCS= reclaim.c allchblk.c misc.c alloc.c mach_dep.c os_dep.c mark_rts.c \
headers.c mark.c obj_map.c pcr_interface.c blacklst.c finalize.c \
new_hblk.c real_malloc.c dyn_load.c dbg_mlc.c malloc.c stubborn.c \
checksums.c pthread_support.c pthread_stop_world.c darwin_stop_world.c \
typd_mlc.c ptr_chck.c mallocx.c gcj_mlc.c specific.c gc_dlopen.c \
- backgraph.c win32_threads.c thread_local_alloc.c
+ backgraph.c win32_threads.c pthread_start.c thread_local_alloc.c
CORD_SRCS= cord/cordbscs.c cord/cordxtra.c cord/cordprnt.c cord/de.c cord/cordtest.c include/cord.h include/ec.h include/private/cord_pos.h cord/de_win.c cord/de_win.h cord/de_cmds.h cord/de_win.ICO cord/de_win.RC