BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
amd64Support multilib.Manuel Mohr7 years
amd64-octoposAdd ugly hack: set assumed stack alignment to 1.Manuel Mohr7 years
gc_objectEnable object support for GC.Tobias Rapp8 years
masterFix GC_INLINE definition to comply with ISO C90 standard (GCC)Ivan Maidanski9 years
octoposFix assert in mark.c for non-heap regionsGabor Drescher6 years
release-7_2Update (regenerate) configure files; update ChangeLogIvan Maidanski9 years
gc7_2dcommit 337000b5ca...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2ccommit 6b480c65db...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2bcommit f055ed2094...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2commit 7cc205da4c...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_3alpha2commit 6cba39031a...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2alpha6commit 0b69b88007...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2alpha5-20110107commit 2425c85c58...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2alpha4commit 4f997eb774...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_2alpha2commit cbfd50b918...Ivan Maidanski10 years
gc7_1alpha3-20080224commit 6c835afcfb...Ivan Maidanski10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-07-262009-12-01 Ivan Maidanski <>gc7_2alpha4ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-21 Ivan Maidanski <> ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-18 Ivan Maidanski <> (really mostly Zoltan Varga)ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-16 Ivan Maidanski <> ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-10 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-09 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-07 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-07 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-06 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai
2011-07-262009-11-06 Ivan Maidanski <>ivmai